Hasbro Launches Ghostbusters Proton Pack Haslab Project

Hasbro today launched their third Haslab project in less than a week – a full scale roleplay Ghostbusters proton pack.

Scanned directly from the Ghostbusters: Afterlife hero prop, this replica includes lights, sounds and a motor for active roleplay fun. The proton pack features two modes of lights and sounds; one from the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife film and one from the 1984 original. Screen accurate details include the booster, power cell injectors, bumper, shock mount and more. This new proton pack is compatible with the Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona wand (available separately), allowing you to store the wand when not in use.

The campaign requires 7000 backers for the proton pack to go into production and is priced at $399. Hasbro Pulse Premium members who back the campaign in the first 48 hours will receive and exclusive bonus item: a 1984 inspired green ecto-plasm goo attachment to give your pack the slimed appearance…without the mess. There are four unlockable bonus tiers: at 9000 backers the ‘Classic Bundle’ is unlocked. 11,000 backers unlocks the ‘Ghostbusters:Afterlife‘ bundle. 13,000 backers opens up the Spengler Special and 15,000 backers open up the ‘Supernatural Stand’.

This campaign is live now and runs through 11:59PM EST on December 12th. The proton packs are expected to ship in Spring of 2023 if the campaign is successful. You can see the Haslab campaign here.

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