ICYMI: New Black Series Clones and POTF2 Homage Figures Revealed by Hasbro

Earlier in the week (sorry, it’s been hectic in the AwesomeToyBlog HQ) Hasbro announced new Star Wars Black Series figures – a mixture of exclusive Clones and some ‘Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary’ figures that take us all the way back to the relaunch of Star Wars figures with Power of the Force 2….which was 1995.

The exclusive clones revealed are a Walgreen’s exclusive 212th Battalion Clone Trooper, a Walmart exclusive Bad Batch inspired Captain Rex and a Walmart exclusive Imperial Crosshair from Bad Batch. All of these will be available this Fall.

Also announced were three new ‘Lucsafilm 50th Anniversary figures’ which bring back Greedo, Han Solo (with new face printing) and Luke Skywalker on cards inspired by 1995’s Star Wars relaunch series – Power of the Force (2). These figures take me back to riding the bus to Walmart in my college town to scope out the new figures available. These are available for pre-order on both ShopDisney and Hasbro Pulse.

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