Figure Spotlight: Funko’s Savage World Street Fighter

Since it’s beginnings, Funko’s Savage World has had a number of different series under it’s umbrella – Mortal Kombat, DC Primal Age, the Horror Icons and Thundercats. The Savage World family is getting a little bigger with the introduction of characters from the classic fighting game Street Fighter. This series of figures includes four different characters, Ryu, M. Bison, Chun-Li and Blanka. There are two versions of both Chun-Li (blue dress and a chase red dress) and Blanka (green version and a yellow chase). Funko sent an early set our way…so let’s take a look at the figures.

Each of the figure’s cards is specific to the character with art on the front. This is one of the strongest card designs used in any of the Savage World family – the logo really pops, the character art is prominent…overall an A+ job on the package design here. Flip the card over and you’ll find a cross-sell featuring the different characters in the series, but no mention of the chases…but you’re here, so you know about them. The back is shared across everyone. Check out carded images below.

Once free from the card, I can say with some certainty these are my favorite Savage World figures. There’s something about liberty taken with the 5.5″ format that really puts these figures above the others in the Savage World family. As with all the other Savage World figures – the deco and sculpts are great – each character is instantly recognizable. The articulation is standard for the format, legs, arms, neck and there were no accessories included with these figures. Each of the figures is photographed below.

Funko’s Savage World Street Fighter figures will be hitting soon and are sure to please fans of the 5.5″ figure format and fans of the classic game. With true-to-format sculpts and perfect decos – Funko knocked these out of the park. And again, thanks to our friends at Funko for the early look.

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