Hasbro’s NYCC Star Wars 6″, 3 3/4″ and Galactic Heroes Reveals

starwarsNew York Comic-Con is well underway now and our pals at Hasbro sent over official images of the new 3 3/4″ figures, 6″ figures and Galactic Heroes that were revealed today. Perhaps the biggest reveal was a new 6″ Darth Vader – a second shot at this iconic character in this scale and this new one has some significant changes. The gallery below has images of:

3 3/4″ Figures

  • Admiral Raddus (blue Mon Calamari guy)
  • Bohdi Rook (guy with the string action feature)
  • Chirrut
  • Darth Vader (Episode IV)
  • Death Trooper
  • Jyn Erso in Imperial Disguise
  • 2 pack – Baze wtih Stormtrooper

6″ Figures

  • Baze
  • Chirrut
  • Darth Vader
  • Director Krennic
  • Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader

Galactic Heroes

  • AT-AT Playset
  • Chewbacca and First Order Pilot
  • Rey and Kylo Ren

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