Kidrobot Introduces XL Pizza and XL Pancake Plush

kidrobot tnKidrobot’s YUMMY WORLD brand brings delightful life to baked goods, fruits and beyond with signature “googly” eyes and dashed smile. While the YUMMY WORLD brand is undeniably cute, it also has depth and range: soft enough for your nephew’s crib, friendly enough for your mom’s keychain, hip enough for your best friend’s closet, and stylish enough for your modern couch. And with the addition of the XL Pizza and XL Pancake Plush YUMMY WORLD is getting a little bigger.

Both are available on for $49.99 each. Along with the two new releases, the XL Cupcake has been brought bake. The XL Cupcake plush also retails for $49.99.

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