Toy Fair 2014 – Hasbro’s Transformers

tf14 tnToy Fair unofficially kicked off today with the Hasbro Brand Preview Event. One of the properties covered was the Transformers brand. Between the 30th Anniversary of Generation 1 Transformers and the 4th live action film, 2014 is going to be a big year for the brand. See below for notes from the presentation followed by a gallery of images from the Transformers showroom.

  • “Hasbro Loves Transformers Fans” – mantra at the beginning of the presentation
  • Three target audiences for Transformers: Pre-school, boy, fan
  • Each Targeting different skill and play modes as appropriate.
  • # of collector figures on the increase – 9 in 2012, 54 in 2013, 73 in 2014
  • Two Generations lines – one movie, one classic.

Movie Generations
Deluxe Wave 1 – Bumblebee (High Octane), Crosshairs, Dinobot Slug,Dinobot Scorn
Deluxw Wave 2 – Drift, Dinobot Strafe, Dinobot Slash
Voyager Wave 1 – Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (great alt mode!), Dinobot Grimlock
Voyager Wave 2 – Hound, Decepticon Galvatron
Leader – Optimus Prime, Grimlock
More reveals to share through the year…20 total movie Generations characters

Classic Generations
Legends Wave 3 – Gears w/ Eclipse, Acid Storm w/ Venin
Deluxe Wave 4 – Nightbeat, Jhiaxus, Windblade
Voyager Wave 3 – Roadbuster and Sky Byte
5 remaining classic Generations to reveal through the year – 30 total this year
New Leader Scale — Jetfire.

Boys Toys (you know, the kids)

  • Transformations got too complicated. Instructions used to be on the box. Not a huge sheet in the package.
  • One Step Changers, Power Battlers, Flip & Change, Mega One Step
  • Construct Bots continuing. Will now include Dinobots

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