Figure Spotlight – Transformers Custom Kreon Soundwave

transformersFrom the day of the announcment of Transformers Kre-O sets, the Kreon minifigures were a hit. Taking advantage of their popularity, Hasbro has made Kreons available individually in both several waves of blind-bagged figures and the new ‘custom Kreons’.

Earlier this week I spotted the first wave of Custom Kreons at Toys R Us which includes Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Starscream, Megatron and Soundwave priced at $4.99 each. From this first wave, I picked up Soundwave. Included in the package are 36 Kre-O pieces, including a ‘base’ Soundwave Kreon, multiple alternate pieces for Soundwave and a ‘weapons rack’ which can store the alternate pieces. The alternate pieces include two torsos, two helmets, two pairs of legs, two pairs of arms and multiple weapons.

Overall I’m quite pleased with my ‘Custom Kreon’ Soundwave. If you’ve had any of the Transformer Kreon figures, you know exactly what to expect – a well deco’d, well articulated minifigure. The alternate pieces allow for some cool customization – I’m particularly fond of Soundwave configured with the clear parts – it’s a very cool look. If you’re more into the super-weaponized look, you can really deck Soundwave out with guns to the nines. The weapon rack is a smart addition, it beats tossing the extra parts into a plastic bag.

The ‘custom Kreons’ are a fun extension of the Kre-o brand, providing a minifigure with many configureable pieces allowing kids (and, well, fans) the opportunity to customize their favorite Transformers characters? Are ‘custom Kreons’ for you? If you’re a fan of the Kre-o brand and the adorable Kreons in general, then yes…you’ll get a kick out of these. If you’re not a fan of Kreons, then I’d be surprised if you’re still reading this.


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