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megalogoA few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing a handful of MegaBloks sets – a Halo set, a Hot Wheels set and a Skylanders set. When they asked if I wanted to look at a second Hot Wheels set, I jumped at the opportunity. When I tore open the box, I found the Hot Wheels Super Stunt Test Facility.

The Hot Wheels Super Stunt Test Facility from MegaBloks is a pretty big set – with 382 pieces. This set builds a racing truck, a launching wheel,  and a stunt “plaza” including jumps, gates, a spinny gate, barrels and the set includes two drivers. This was a big set – and takes up a good chunk of space. I’d say the build took an hour, hour and a half…a decent chunk of dedicated building time. The directions were clear and easy to follow. I do wish the pieces had been packaged in a more modular fashion – there were about 6 bags of parts…all of which were opened in the first few steps of assembly. Digging for parts is never the best part of any build..and at the start there was a lot of that. Just a minor quibble, once things got started – it went easy.

Once assembled, the set has a ton of play value. The car itself is the highlight for me, it’s very ZZ Top (hope you’re old enough to get that reference!). The addition of a few pieces with deco really makes this red truck stand out. The roof opens up, letting you put a driver in. I really like the “launcher” – which is essentially a wheel on a stick…and while it’s a straight forward approach – it works great. Put the wheel on the roof of the car, spin the wheel with your hand and the car zips off, and goes quite a distance. The stunt facility has a ton of play features – a kid would have a blast with this. Clearly I need to practice more, I was unable to get the car to fly through the banner at the top of the facility!

The driver figures included are also quite nice – one driver is red and the other white. Both have great deco – bold ‘Team Hot Wheel’ logos on their chests. The figures have articulated necks, waists, shoulders, hips, wrists and ankles. There’s a ton of poseability in these little guys.

Overall – this is a great set with a ton of value. The truck is fantastic and the playset has a number of different ways to play with it. To top it off, the directions include alternate ways to put the facility parts together to build other obstacles – a nice addition that adds some extra value. The Super Stunt Test Facility is available now ($39.99 on Amazon) and thanks to MegaBloks for providing the set for review!


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