Toy Fair 2013 – Bandai’s Power Rangers

TF2013 Logo2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the debut of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Bandai’s Power Ranger toys are among the most popular every year, and with the line-up shown at Toy Fair 2013 should be another huge year for Power Rangers. Below check a gallery with official images of the new offerings, and after the jump complete descriptions.

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Power Rangers Deluxe Gosei Morpher

Harness the power of the Deluxe Gosei Morpher and unlock the secrets of the Power Cards. Gosei, the ultimate symbol of good, has bestowed this Morpher to a group of not-so-average teenagers in order to save the earth from evil. Now the Power Rangers can gain superhuman strength, hi-tech weapons, and massive Zord vehicles, by inserting the Power Cards into the Morpher. Featuring lights and sounds, this Morpher opens to allow the placement of a Power Card inside – just like in the TV series. The Morpher comes with 10 Power Cards that unlock 10 phrases and sounds. Collect additional Power Cards to unlock even more phrases and sounds – over 180!
Download the Power Rangers Card Scanner App on your smartphone or tablet for a more extensive experience!
The Power Cards provide a great feature to connect with the history of the iconic series. Every Ranger from the past will be represented in the hundreds of Power Cards Bandai is making available through its toy line, Action Card Game and promotional partnerships

Power Rangers Deluxe Ultra Dragon Sword

Battle the forces of evil with the Deluxe Ultra Dragon Sword. It features lights, sounds, and the theme song from the TV series. Spin the powerful gold painted Zord for even more power! Evil won’t stand a chance. Connect the Deluxe Gosei Morpher (Item #35000, sold separately) to the front of the sword to become a true Ranger hero!

Zord Builder Collection

Historically, one of the most unique and compelling features of the Power Rangers line has been and continues to be our Zord Builder collection which includes Megazords, Zord Vehicles, and Zord Cycles. This system allows kids to build show-accurate Zords and Megazords or an infinite number of their own fun Zord creations. The universal connection point characteristic to this system and present throughout the line, makes it easy for kids to pick up, play and create!

For the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, Bandai has created one more connection point to each of these new Zord Builder toys for added play value and more extensive play pattern. This system features multiple Zords that can be attached onto your favorite creation.

Moreover, this has great developmental benefits, it allows kids to be creative, and it stimulates imagination, logic, spatial reasoning, and pattern recognition through tactile play.

Power Rangers Deluxe Megazord

Gosei Great Megazord (Spring 2013)
During battle the Power Rangers come together to form their most powerful weapon – the Megazord! This sleek looking Gosei Great Megazord has 3 creative ways to play:

  1. Morph into 5 separate Zords;
  2. Morph into Megazord mode;
  3. Morph into unique combinations with other items within the Zord Builder collection.

Gosei Ultimate Megazord (Fall 2013)
The Power Rangers Megaforce command center has been reconfigured by Tensou into the powerful Gosei Ultimate Megazord and is ready for action! This incredible spaceship command center has multiple play modes:

  1. Morph into spaceship mode;
  2. Morph into Megazord mode;
  3. Morph into unique combinations with other items within the Zord Builder collection.

6.5” Battle Morphin and Ultra Morphin Ranger Figures

Protect the earth with the Power Rangers 6.5” Morphin Ranger figures!

Battle Morphin Ranger Figure (Spring 2013)
Keep villains away by unlocking a cool battling feature using the innovative joystick technology on the back. As seen in the TV series, this superhero includes unique gear and he is ready for training and battling. Place your thumb in the joystick and wield the Ranger’s weapon for the ultimate 360-degree control of movement!

Ultra Morphin Ranger Figure (Fall 2013)
Keep villains away by morphing your Ranger to Ultra Mode, just like in the TV series. With the simple push of a button on the back of the figure, your Ranger will morph into a more powerful Ultra Mode and release a blast of light from his armor. With these incredible features at your fingertips, evil won’t stand a chance!

6.5” Battle Morphin and Ultra Morphin Ranger Figures
SRP $12.99 (each sold separately)

Power Rangers Armored Might Figures

When the battle rages take the action to the next level by attaching the armor and multiple weapons to your Armored Might Figure! The figure comes with an assortment of battle gear for an even more extensive play pattern and value. Each figure also features over 20 points of articulation to create the amazing show accurate battle poses. Battle as the Megaforce Power Rangers or as your favorite Rangers from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers original series! (each sold separately)

Power Rangers 10” Deluxe SFX Figures

Watch the battle come to life in your hands with these incredible 10” action figures! By simply pressing the button you can activate lights, battle sounds, and phrases straight out of the Power Rangers Megaforce TV series. Go Go Megaforce!

Power Rangers BattleFire Ultra Gosei Great Megazord

Battle evil wherever it may lurk with the powerful BattleFire Ultra Gosei Great Megazord! When the battle gets big, the Rangers summon all of their Zords together to morph into this powerful weapon. Command and control the action by using your voice! Fire up to 15 Zord missiles by utilizing the innovative voice recognition technology or the included manual trigger. Lights and sounds add to the excitement of this awesome toy. Target your enemies to save the day!

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