Figure Spotlight #22 – Lego Surfer

SurferFrom the 2nd series of Lego’s wildly popular collectible mini-figures, today we’ll take a look at the surfer.  This series of mini-figure had identifying barcodes on the package backsides, making it easy for collectors and iphone-owners of the world to identify which figure was in the blind bag.

These mini-figs are like crack; or maybe like pokemon – you have to have them all.  However in each set of 16 figures there are some ups and downs; fortunately the surfer is one of the ups.  The surfer dude is clearly a character; down to the details.  He has a scruffy yet effortlessly cool look about him, with his sun bleached blonde hair.  A smirk across his face, board in hand; he’s ready to hit the waves.  All these small details are what make the mini-figures so good; they’re not generic at all.

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