Figure Spotlight #9 – Lego Indian Chief

Lego Indian ChiefThe Lego mini-figure Indian Chief is part of the 3rd series of Lego’s crazy popular mini-figure assortment.  The third series started hitting stores in December of 2010; with arrival at the Lego store in the first week of the New Year.  These figures are blind-bagged; the ‘braile’ code is very difficult to discern and I found it easier to feel the package to identify the accessory packaged with the figure.  For example, the Indian Chief’s spear is a unique accessory and can easily be discerned through feel.

These mini-figures are very simple toys; you already know what you need to know.  No alternate pieces were included with the Indian Chief.  This is the 2nd native American figure seen in the mini-figure collectors line; as series 1 included one.

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