Jada Shares Three SDCC Exclusives: Flamin’ Hot Chester Cheetah, Violent Ken & Player 2 Chun-Li

Jada Toys has shared three SDCC exclusives on JADANextLevel.com, their collectors focused site.

The first exclusive, available for pre-order now at Entertainment Earth, is a Flamin’ Hot variant of Chester Cheetah. Chester is so hot that he’s now glowing in the dark. Accessories included are a realistic-sized Cheeto, a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, 2x alternate hands, and an alternate head. Flamin’ Hot Chester Cheetah is available to pre-order for $29.99 to ship after the show or will be available at SDCC.

The second announced exclusive is the Street Fighter ‘Violent’ Ken. Featuring a new head sculpt and a fresh deco, this figure also includes a total of 3 interchangeable heads, 2 sets of hands, a Shoryuken effect piece, a Hadouken effect piece with an articulated stand and 2 barrel diorama pieces (one new, one split in half). The figure will be on sale at Jada’s booth #4149 starting Preview Night and will also be available 7/25 at 9AM PST online at JadaNextlevel.com.

The third exclusive shared to date is the ‘Player 2’ colorway of Chun-Li. Now in pink, Chun-Li includes three interchangeable heads, 3 sets of hands, Hyakuretsukyaku and Kikoen effect pieces and a bonus laughing head sculpt in ‘Player 1’ colors for the readily available figure. Just like Ken, she will be available at Jada’s booth starting preview night and available online the next morning.

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