Neopets Takes a Walk Down Memory Lane: Classic Artwork Returns

Neopia is buzzing with excitement as Neopets, the beloved virtual pet community, announces a thrilling update that brings back a blast from the past – the revival of classic pet artwork. This much-anticipated move is a heartfelt nod to the passionate community that yearned for the return of the iconic images that defined their Neopets experience.

Historically, unconverted (UC) pets, which retain old artwork from before the introduction of pet customisation, have been the most coveted pets in Neopia. In early 2007, Neopets introduced a new “converted” art style for users’ pets that would allow them to wear clothes and accessories purchased in the newly launched Neocash (NC) mall. Many were converted automatically, but some users were given
a choice of whether to convert their pet. These “unconverted” pets became extremely rare and valuable
status symbols for players in the Neopets community.

In response to fan requests, Neopets will allow players to toggle between the classic artwork (UC pets)
and the new renditions (converted pets), offering the best of both worlds.

“This initiative has been one of our top priorities since taking on the stewardship of Neopets in July,” said
Dominic Law, CEO of Neopets. “The Neopets community has been campaigning for the reintroduction of
the original pet art styles for well over a decade now, so we’re excited to make that dream a reality.”
Whether relishing the nostalgia of the past or embracing the robust customisation options available with
modern designs, Neopians can now customise their Neopets’ appearance to suit their preferences. All
existing unconverted (UC) pets will undergo an automatic conversion to the new art style. This ensures
that all pets blend into the evolving aesthetic landscape of Neopia.

For those eager to revisit the art styles of yesteryear, the introduction of the Styling Studio in the NC
Mall on January 23 will allow players to transform their pets with a touch of magic. At the Styling Studio,
players will have the opportunity to try out the NC Pet Styles by using the new Styling Studio Supplies,
available for purchase in the NC Mall. The launch will kick off with three popular colour selections:
Faerie, Darigan, and Grey.

A new non-binary character will serve as the shopkeeper at the Styling Studio—Neopians can look
forward to a full reveal of the new character soon, but, for now, the brand is offering a sneak peek!

Recognising and rewarding the loyalty of its community, Neopets is introducing exclusive Old Pet
Trophies for players with pets created before the 2007 introduction of converted pet styles. The Styling
Studio Supplies will give Neopets aficionados the freedom to switch the art style back and forth, adding a
new and exciting personalisation option for their virtual friends.

Neopets is committed to providing an immersive and enjoyable experience for both longtime fans and
newcomers alike. With this monumental update, the virtual world of Neopia continues to evolve,
embracing the past while marching forward into an exciting future.

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