KESS & SEGA Reveal Upcoming Sonic Roll Board Game

Today, KESS and SEGA of America are revealing the upcoming Sonic Roll board game, an all-new high-speed dice-rolling adventure officially licensed by SEGA of America.  

Play your way through some of the most memorable zones inspired by the classic Sonic titles originally released on the SEGA Genesis, with original artwork by Tracy Yardley who has been illustrating Sonic the Hedgehog comics for over 15 years. You can also experience this cooperative, jam-packed adventure with up to four players! 

Face-off with iconic obstacles such as Badniks from classic Sonic games and earn rewards as you battle to save the woodland creatures that Dr. Eggman has captured. You can play as Sonic and friends and challenge a single zone or adventure through Campaign Mode to collect all seven Chaos Emeralds, while using character-unique abilities to roll dice, speed through Zones, collect rings and defeat obstacles that stand in your way. Complete enough Zone Cards to finish the Zone and face off against Eggman himself! 

Sonic Roll will be arriving first at Barnes & Noble both in-store and online in Q1 2024, followed by a wider retail release online at Target and Amazon. PAX Unplugged attendees will have an opportunity to pick up a copy of the game ahead of its retail release (quantities limited). Stay in the loop for other ways to get your hands on Sonic Roll by following KESS Entertainment on our social channels at  

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