Fanhome Celebrates Pop Culture’s Most Iconic Characters and Franchises this Holiday Season with Highly Desirable Scale Model Collections and Incredibly Detailed Build-Up Replicas

This year, give that special fan or loved one a memorable gift that will continue to deliver hours of enjoyment throughout the coming year and beyond. With every Fanhome subscription, collectors will receive a monthly shipment of easy-to-assemble components to construct their very own Fanhome replica. Incredibly detailed and featuring a range of captivating features, ranging from full articulation and LED lights to remote controlled mobility and audio capabilities, these replicas are designed to be a focal point of a collection.

Each Fanhome subscription also includes extensively researched, full-color magazines that accompany every month’s shipment of parts and are jam-packed with articles and information as well as rarely seen artwork and photos taking the fan on an immersive journey into some of pop culture’s most legendary franchises.

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Fanhome E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Subscription:

Standing over 2 feet tall (25 inches) and depicted with lifelike realism, Fanhome’s E.T. The Extra Terrestrial was designed with the guidance of the family of Carlo Rambaldi, the talented Italian designer who brought the original character to life for the film. The completed figure features articulated arms and an extendable neck, just like in the movie. LED capabilities include a light-up index finger and “heart light” that add to E.T.’s realistic appearance along with moveable eyes and facial expressions. The friendly face and big eyes are among the main attractions of E.T., and this replica retains the tender look that has delighted generations of fans. Audio features also recreate several of E.T.’s memorable quotes from the film, adding to the stunning realism of this replica. These functions may be activated using touchless sensors embedded in the model as well as with a remote control. The sensors are a technological advancement for Fanhome models and enhance the sensory experience when the model is completed. 

Fanhome Infinity Gauntlet Build-Up Model © Marvel

A screen accurate, full-scale replica of the weapon that harnessed the unlimited power of the Infinity Stones as depicted in the blockbuster Avengers movies. Measuring 29 inches when completed, every aspect of the Infinity Gauntlet is reproduced in amazing detail, from the multicolored Infinity Stones, which feature individual LED light up effects, to the intricate Dwarven-made Uru glove that was designed to unite the six Stones’ unlimited power and was used by Thanos in his quest to rule the universe.  

Fanhome Iron Man Build-Up Model © Marvel

This authentic Marvel Studios’ Iron Man model is incredibly detailed and fully articulated as a large-scale reproduction of Tony Stark’s famous Mark III armor. A 24-inch, original model features full articulation and light-up effects for the reactor, hand repulsors, boot thrusters and mask visor. The build-up model’s intricate design and articulated pieces allow fans an inside view of the internal mechanisms powering the armor, making Fanhome’s Iron Man modelan authentic masterpiece for collectors and modelers. 

Fanhome Star Wars Millennium Falcon     ©& TM Lucasfilm Ltd. 

Several models of the Millennium Falcon were used to make the original Star Wars trilogy – but the most iconic version was built for the action sequences in the second movie, The Empire Strikes Back. The Fanhome version is an official replica and designed to the same scale. The molded die-cast metal and resin components make this ultimate Millennium Falcon replica extremely easy to construct, with an unprecedented level of realism. The sizeable, completed model measures 32-inches long by 23-inches wide. Hull parts are supplied pre-finished, but expert modelers can apply their own battle scars and weathering to add extra authenticity and personalize the model. The completed Falcon also has working LED effects, and can be wall- or table-mounted, with the landing legs and boarding ramp displayed in open or retracted positions.

Fanhome Star Wars R2-D2 Droid Build-Up Model © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd. 
This is an incredible half-sized replica features state-of-the-art electronics that enable light up effects and radio-controlled mobility, moving and turning like the real droid, with extendable and foldable arms. R2-D2 has a projector that can emit messages featuring Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, as well as speakers and microphones, to respond to verbal commands, communicating using the familiar chirps, whistles, and lights. The subscription provides unprecedented access to the beloved character with a monthly magazine featuring behind-the-scenes material, little-known information, and rare imagery.

Fanhome Star Wars Encyclopedia © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd. 

An expansive collection of informative volumes that covers the chronology of the complete Star Wars saga from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, as well as the stories told in Star WarsThe Clone Wars and The Mandalorian, both streaming on Disney+. Each book helps fans discover the secrets of the galaxy by exploring beloved characters, lore, and mythology, which includes extensively detailing the various starships, weapons, planets, and creatures that inhabit them.

Fanhome TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime Build-Up Model © Hasbro

This is a stunning, screen accurate replica of the iconic Autobot leader as he first appeared in 2007’s TRANSFORMERS that kicked off the live-action film franchise. Standing nearly 2 feet tall and composed of meticulously detailed metal and ABS plastic parts, Optimus Prime will be the centerpiece of a collection and features LED light-up effects.

Fanhome Knight Rider Subscription    © Universal Studios LLC

Originally aired with Universal Studios, Glen A. Larson’s Knight Rider set millions of fans glued to the TV screen in the 80’s, and now fans, collectors, and hobbyists alike can build a step-by-step exact replica at a 1:8 scale of the nostalgic gem. Fans can recreate both the build-up model’s interior and exterior down to the smallest detail. All doors and windows boast opening and closing mechanisms, as well as illuminated headlights, brake lights, and a dynamic red scanner, used by K.I.T.T. to sweep hypnotically across the front of the car to “see” and add to his sum of knowledge.  Additionally, the car’s rotating mechanism allows subscribers to display three different license plates, including KNI 667 and the famed “KNIGHT.”

Fanhome Fast & Furious Die-Cast Car Collection © Universal Studios LLC

Enter the high-octane, play-for-keeps world of Fast & Furiousand learn every detail of the cars featured in the groundbreaking movies whose heart pounding action, intense street racing, and custom car culture sparked a worldwide phenomenon. Each car in the collection is depicted with exact reproductions of the paint, wheels, and custom body accessories of those featured in the films and presented in 1:43 scale, the preferred collector scale in the world of car modelling.

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