Avalon Hill Announces Betrayal Season of Treason Featuring Matthew Lillard – Available 10/13

Avalon Hill’s first-ever Season of Treason, a month-long program celebrating all things horror,has officially kicked off with a special collaboration featuring an all-new, multi-act Haunt for Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition that is co-created by well-known film actor, producer, director, and Beadle & Grimm’s Co-Founder Matthew Lillard.

The Haunt, titled Thirteen Ghoulies Are All That, will be available for free download starting October 13 on Hasbro Pulse. and requires Betrayal House on the Hill 3rd Edition (sold separately). For those new to Betrayal at House on the Hill, a playable Haunt is triggered by specific combinations of omens and rooms, and is the second half of gameplay which outlines what heroes and traitors must do to win the game. In the scenario for Thirteen Ghoulies Are All That, called Writers Block, the sorta famous fictional actor Dexter Norville who is known as “that guy” from cult-classic films Yell! and P.I. Pup. Norville is out to find a killer location for his next film Thirteen Ghoulies Are All That – and it looks like this house could make his final cut.

A full, live playthrough of the haunt featuring Matthew Lillard himself will air on October 13 at 7 PM ET on YouTube.

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