Toy Fair 2023 – Jada Toys

I’m going to get this right out of the way, Jada Toys did not have any new action figures on display at Toy Fair. They really spoiled us as SDCC showing multiple waves of both Street Fighter and Mega Man, so there were no new figures at Toy Fair.

That said, there was still great product to be seen at Jada. In their die cast space they are introducing a new line of die cast cars with unique paint jobs and decos called ‘Pink Slips’. With cars available at multiple scales, their aim is to have an inclusive line that appeals to both existing die cast collectors and brings new ones into the fold.

Also fun and making it’s debut at the show is a remote controlled Disney Princess carriage. Fully compatible with 11.5″ fashion dolls (both royal and not) – this RC vehicle will provide a royal ride complete with sounds. And as a bonus, it won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

One last thing new at the show were the Bloxies – blind boxed collectible stacking toys. They have been available in Europe but at now making their way to North America. Each cubic shaped animal has an action feature that’s triggered by pushing down on the top – and when stacked, the entire stack’s features are triggered.

Check the full display of products on display at Jada’s booth at Toy Fair below.

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