Super Impulse Makes SDCC Debut Showcasing World’s Smallest, 3.75 and Poptaters

Super Impulse made their San Diego Comic-con debut this year and brought with them three of their iconic pop culture brands: World’s Smallest, 3.75 and Poptaters.

World’s Smallest brings you all the fun of your favorite toys but in a much, much smaller footprint. Launched several years ago now the line includes miniature action figures (like Orko and Battle Cat below), playsets (like Caste Grayskull), games, dolls and more. But part of the fun isn’t the fact that you’re just getting a miniature version of a favorite toys – you’re even getting a miniature version of the package that you can keep for display. Super Impulse did bring a few brand new World’s Smallest making their debut at the show – Star Trek’s Kirk, Spock and the U.S.S. Entertprise.

If you’re wanting your fun a little bit bigger, but still not too big – Super Impulse’s 3.75 line may have you covered. Named for their size – these figures are just shy of 4″ tall, feature more detail than their World’s Smallest counterparts and each figure’s package and stand can be used to place the figure in an appropriate environment. New at the show were the Star Trek: The Next Generation sets below (Data in the red uniform from “Chains of Command” with Worf and Thomas Riker with Picard) as well as a set from Netflix’s Wednesday. Other available properties in 3.75 include South Park, Yu-gi-oh, Jay & Silent Bob and Beavis & Butthead.

Finally, Super Impulse also brought their Poptaters line to the show – this line features iconic pop culture characters mashed up with the equally iconic Mr. Potato Head. Wave 3 made their debut at the show which included the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, Bert & Ernie, Jay (of Jay & Silent Bob) and Hatsune Miku. A sneak peak at wave 4 was also provided showing Poptaters from the Netflix series Wednesday, Squid Games and Stranger Things.

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