Hasbro SDCC: G. I. Joe Classified Reveals: Full Images, Renders and Name Only Reveals

G. I. Joe had their time in the spotlight at SDCC on Saturday and Hasbro unveiled a lengthy list of upcoming releases in their rapidly growing G. I. Joe Classified line. Below you’ll find full photosets for Tripwire (with Apsara and M.A.C.L.E.O.D.) and the Steel Corp. trooper two-pack.

Tripwire (with Apsara and M.A.C.L.E.O.D.)

Steel Corps Trooper Two-Pack

Below you’ll see digital renders for: Shockwave, Helix, General Hawk, Python Patrol Copperhead, Python Patrol Cobra Trooper, Buzzer, Ripper, the Crimson Strike Force (Pulsecon exclusive!), Clutch with the VAMP and the TechnoViper with SMS.

Finally we had name only reveals for: Jinx, Torch, Retro Duke (no longer Walmart exclusives!), and Retro Scarlett (no longer Walmart exclusives!).

Finally – there was a suprise booth reveal of Mutt and Junkyard!

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