Introducing MONOPOLY SCRABBLE an Exciting Mash-Up of Two of The World’s Greatest Games

Winning Moves Inc. (dba Winning Moves Games USA), a leader in specialty toys & games, unveils their new Fall product line at the ASTRA Marketplace & Academy, June 11-14 in Columbus, OH. 

Under license from Hasbro, a toy and game company, Winning Moves Games USA is excited to introduce MONOPOLY® SCRABBLE®.  This innovative new game combines the best elements of the MONOPOLY® game with the crossword-building play of SCRABBLE®. In place of rolling dice to move around the board, players build words and move ahead according to their score. Build a word on a premium space and claim a MONOPOLY® property. 

Clever gameplay twists, along with custom Community Chest and Chance cards, keep things moving at a fast pace. The winner is the player with the highest total of cash and property value when the last letter tile is played.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to deliver more joy and new opportunities for our fans to interact with their favorite brands. MONOPOLY® SCRABBLE® is a winning combination that celebrates the iconic qualities of two classic Hasbro games with a fresh twist,” says Casey Collins, President of Global Licensed Consumer Products at Hasbro.

Also new for Fall 2023, under license from Hasbro, are BOGGLE® Jr. and RISK® The 1980’s Edition. Both classic American games feature original graphics and components. BOGGLE® Jr. will help preschoolers transform letters into words while the faithful reproduction of the 1980’s era RISK® will bring back fond memories of acquiring armies and conquering the world!

“We are thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking MONOPOLY® SCRABBLE® game which combines the deal-making, fast-action of MONOPOLY [RR1] and the clever word building strategy of SCRABBLE. We just know that adults and kids of all ages are going to love this exciting new game! It is only through our wonderful licensing partnership with Hasbro that this one-of-a-kind gameplay experience is possible. We are equally excited to reintroduce      BOGGLE® Jr. and RISK® The 1980’s Edition! Winning Moves Games USA is the one-stop-shop for specialty retailers who want to carry classic, proven-sellers and fresh new games,” said Philip Orbanes Jr., President of Winning Moves Games USA.

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