New This Week from Diamond Select Toys & Gentle Giant Ltd: Moon Knights, Electro and Star Wars

It’s almost Wednesday, which means that there are new items shipping to your local comic shop from Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant LTD! Three Gallery Dioramas, of Marvel and Star Wars characters, plus one new Star Wars Jumbo figure, are all arriving this week, so read on for details then find a store near you at! Or order online at or!

Marvel Comic Gallery Electro PVC Diorama

A Diamond Select Toys release! Unleash the Sinister Six! Electrically powered supervillain Electro joins fellow Spider-foes Kraven, Vulture, Mysterio and Doctor Octopus to continue to build the Spider-Man-hating Sinister Six! Wearing his classic green-and-yellow lightning-bolt costume, Max Dillon charges up his fists as he stands over a pair of moneybags. This approximately 10-inch sculpture is made of high-quality PVC and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Caesar, sculpted by Alterton! SRP: $59.99

Marvel TV Gallery Moon Knight PVC Diorama

A Diamond Select Toys release! Steven Grant and Marc Spector team up to become the most unusual superhero around – Moon Knight! Based on his appearance in the Disney + Series, Moon Knight crouches on top of an Egyptian column in this approximately 10-inch sculpture. Made of high-quality PVC, it features detailed sculpting and paint applications, and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by the Silva Bros., sculpted by Eduardo Trujillo! SRP: $59.99

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Bastila Shan Gallery PVC Diorama

A Gentle Giant LTD release! The Jedi Knight Bastila Shan became a fan-favorite in the days of the Old Republic, and now she’s finally available from Gentle Giant LTD! This dynamic, approximately 10-inch sculpture depicts Shan using her double-bladed lightsaber to slice through a Guardian Droid in the Dantooine ruins. Featuring detailed sculpting and paint applications, it is made of high-quality PVC and comes packaged in a full-color window box. SRP: $80.00

Star Wars Triple Zero Jumbo 12” Figure

A Gentle Giant LTD release! Don’t shake his hand! The droid 0-0-0, a.k.a. Triple Zero, is more than a protocol droid – his specialties include etiquette, customs, translation and torture. A deceptively murderous artificial intelligence, “Trip” is now the latest 1/6 scale, 12-inch Jumbo figure! Inspired by the vintage Star Wars figures of yesteryear, this 12-inch figure comes packaged on a resealable blister card with retro-style card art. SRP: $80.00

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