Might Jaxx Launching XXPOSED Garfield Vinyl

 Mighty Jaxx is launching a spin on our favorite lazy orange cat with the XXPOSED Garfield toy available this Saturday, April 22. The best part? It’s literally made of his favorite food: lasagna.

The launch is timely as in 2024 we can expect Garfield (Chris Pratt) to hit our movie screens with his lasagna loving ways. As fans anticipate the release, they can snag the collectible capturing Garfield in one of his most beloved poses—lazily lying on his bed. But here’s the twist: the bed is made entirely of lasagna, Garfield’s favorite food!

The licensed collaboration features Jason Freeny’s signature dissected art style, every layer of pasta, meat sauce, and melted cheese is meticulously revealed, creating a stunning and mouth-watering visual—the true definition of comfort food. Learn more about Garfield’s favorite food here.

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