Iron Studios Shares 1/10 Scale Mighty Thor Statue

While the winds of a storm conjured by her mystic hammer shake her red cape, the majestic figure of a space Viking warrior introduces herself with her Goddess of Thunder Asgardian armor over a rocky mountain pedestal. With her identity hidden by the mask of a winged helmet, she rises the powerful hammer Mjølnir repaired, in which an old but present enchantment determined the choice of the brave scientist as worthy of its powers. Thus, Iron Studios present the statue “Mighty Thor Jane Foster BDS – Thor: Love and Thunder – Art Scale 1/10”, with the old girlfriend of the God of Thunder played by Natalie Portman in the MCU, composing the perfect pair with the statue “Thor BDS – Thor: Love and Thunder – Art Scale 1/10″, also by Iron Studios.

After discovering that she had incurable stage IV cancer, and trying palliative and experimental treatments without success, the astronomer and astrophysicist Jane Foster decided to fight it on her own terms. After years in a romantic relationship with Thor, the God of Thunder, the Son of Odin started to fear losing Jane, because he knew she wouldn’t last many years like in the life of an Asgardian because Foster was mortal. Involuntarily, Thor puts an enchantment on his mystical axe, so that the Mjølnir would always protect Foster. When she heard the Mjølnir calling her, after reading about how the weapon grants great health to its bearer, she went to investigate in Tønsberg, a Norway village also known as New Asgard, where the fragments of Mjølnir were still on display after being shattered. In her presence, the pieces of Mjølnir started to float and channel electricity while storm clouds started to form. Once Mjølnir was repaired, he chose Foster to wield it, transforming her into Thor’s image with an Asgardian armor and winged helmet, besides giving his powers to her. Now, named Mighty Thor, she joined the battle alongside Valkyrie, Thor, and Korg against Gorr, the God Butcher, a galactic assassin searching for revenge.

Previously revealed at SDCC on Iron Studios’ booth, already available for Pre-Order, and officially presented on the monthly show Inside Iron Studios Day, the statues were meticulously produced based on the original references, bringing an extra head with incredible resemblance to the Oscar-winning Israeli-American actress that plays the Mighty Thor on the big screens. Check out more news by Iron Studios presented at SDCC and on the Inside Iron Studios Day on Iron Studios’ YouTube channel and social media!

Mighty Thor Jane Foster BDS – Thor: Love and Thunder – Art Scale 1/10


  • Limited edition
  • Based on original references
  • Made in polystone – *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)
  • Hand painted
  • Includes extra head
  • Product dimensions: 11.4 in (H) x 7 in (W) x 5.9 in (D)
  • Product Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • MSRP: USD 159,99 (American US Dollars)
  • Release schedule: Fourth quarter of 2023

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