New UK B&M Exclusive Doctor Who Figure Sets Announced

B&M’s (a UK retailer) run of exclusive Doctor Who box sets are continuing with a brand new wave of six sets announced this morning. Character Options’ Al Dewar details the new sets in the video below.

The new sets are:

The Ninth Doctor Set: This set includes the Ninth Doctor (with new head and arms), Rose Tyler and a holographic Doctor.

The First Doctor and Electronic TARDIS Set: This time around it’s David Bradley’s take on the first Doctor with a TARDIS featuring electronic sounds and lights.

The Thirteenth Doctor Collection: this set features the Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz and an sweet translucent blue Angel.

History of the Daleks #11: Genesis of the Daleks (Set 2)

History of the Daleks #12: Destiny of the Daleks

Creation of the Daleks: this set includes Davros and a Dalek from the episode Genesis of the Daleks.

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