William Shatner Joining Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Today at Mattel’s Masters of the Universe (MOTU) 40th Anniversary Fan Panel hosted by Kevin Smith at SDCC, Willam Shatner shocked the crowd when he suddenly beamed to the stage and announced his appearance in the upcoming season of Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revolution! This is, of course, the continuation of the story from Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Smith and Shatner joked about his involvement with Revolution, while still keeping his character a secret. Kevin spoke about working with William and how he ended up directing him! The audience went wild. Shatner responded, “Kevin, in a moment, you will have the honor of directing me.” Smith retorted to an enthusiastic audience, “It took Captain Kirk to shut up Silent Bob.”

And yes, that’s Pixel Dan in the picture.

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