War for Cybertron: Kingdom Mirage and Grimlock Revealed and Available for Pre-Order

Yesterday Hasbro revealed a new Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom 2-pack of Mirage and Maximal Grimlock. The ‘Battle Across Time Collection’ includes a G1-inspired AUTOBOT MIRAGE figure standing at 5.5 inches tall that converts to Earth racecar mode in 20 steps and a Beast-Wars: Uprising-inspired MAXIMAL GRIMLOCK standing at 5.5 inches tall that converts to raptor mode in 28 steps. The figures come with 2 blaster accessories and MAXIMAL GRIMLOCK’s tail detaches from raptor mode to become 2 sword accessories.

This set is available on Amazon (that’s an affiliate link!), Hasbro Pulse and all your favorite spots for ordering toys.

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