Hasbro Announces New ‘Retro’ Styled Marvel 3 3/4″ Figures

Given the success that Hasbro has had with ‘retro’ styled figures and reissues of vintage toys, it would only make sense that they would widen the offerings of that sort of figures. Today they’ve done just that with the reveal of a new line of ‘retro’ styled Marvel 3 3/4″ figures. Starting out with three two-packs, this new line features individually carded figures with the classic five points of articulation and premium sculpts and deco. Each two pack will retail for $19.99 and the first wave includes Captain America / Black Panther, Iron Man / Cyclops and Spider-Man / Electro.

Pre-orders will go live on HasbroPulse.com on Friday September 25th at 5PM EST.

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