Toy Fair 2020 – McFarlane Toys

In the past few years the McFarlane booth at toy fair has become very busy and this year was no exception. With a wide portfolio of products, I’ve split the gallery of booth photos into a few themes.

Video Game Figures – from Fortnite to Mortal Kombat, McFarlane Toys continues to produce a number of video game lines. Of note is the inclusion of a Spawn figure in the Mortal Kombat line as he’ll be included in a DLC pack for the game.

Spawn Kickstarter – Based on the success of Spawn #300 and #301, McFarlane Toys has a new Spawn figure sculpted and will be launching a kickstarter campaign to get the figure made and into the fan’s hands. If successful, other classic McFarlane Toy lines may make a comeback

Cyberpunk 2077 – based on the upcoming video game, McFarlane Toys showed off three figures; V male and two versions of Johnny Silverhand.

Anime Figures

Construction Toys – look for new Five Nights at Freddy’s construction sets hitting stores later this year.

DC Comics – with the McFarlane DC kicking off earlier this year, this was the first toy fair showing for the line and we were treated with several never before seen figures including two Wonder Woman figures (from the upcoming figure), Arkham based Joker and Batman and others. Check them out in the gallery below.

Warhammer – two versions of this figure will be released – one with a full deco and the other as a blank, allowing for a fully custom paint job

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