QMx Announces Remastered Q-Fig Series, Launching with Harley Quinn

Quantum Mechanix Inc. (QMx), creator of innovative collectibles, replicas and artwork from the biggest pop culture licenses in entertainment, today announced its newest product line – the Q-Fig Remastered Series. The series reimagines classic, long sold-out Q-Figs and updates each figure to reflect QMx’s current style and advanced design techniques. The result is a breathtaking new collectible taking full advantage of advances in sculpting and manufacturing, while still paying homage to the original figure. 

“When we first created Q-Figs, we used the most advanced modeling, painting and sculpting techniques available. Sadly, these techniques were often not up to the job of expressing our full vision for a figure,” said QMx CEO Andy Gore. “In the years since, the QMx design team has gone beyond state-of-the-art, inventing our own modeling and manufacturing processes. With the Remastered series, Q-Fig collectors can finally own the ultimate expression of some of our most venerable figures.” 

The Remastered Series will launch initially with a new version of a beloved Q-Fig, Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series. For this remaster, QMx has added several crates of dynamite and explosives to create a more intricate base, included a second laughing hyena to accompany Harley, and redesigned her costume and facial expression to offer a fresh look at the Joker’s partner in crime. Plans are already underway to develop several other remastered figures, including Superman, Batman and Catwoman.

Remastered Q-Figs will not only give new collectors the opportunity to acquire characters that are no longer available in stores, but will also give long-time fans a reason to pick up the new and improved design. Remastered Q-Figs will add new effects, props and other set pieces that will be sure to please fans and collectors alike. 

Customers can place their reservation for the Remastered Harley Quinn Q-Fig now at www.qmxonline.com. The Harley Quinn Remaster is expected to arrive in retail stores during early Q1 2020. 

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