Funko Announces Spider-Man: Far From Home Line-Up

While the new Avengers: Endgame product just hit shelves this weekend, Funko today revealed what’s on the slate for the next Marvel movie – Spider-Man: Far From Home. On the non-Pop! front we have Pop! Pens, Pop! Keychains, Mystery Minis (Spider-Man in his stealth suit unmasked, Mary Jane with a mace, Nick Fury, Spider-Man in a new suit, Ned, Mary Jane, Peter Parker, Hydro-Man, Mysterio, Spider-Man in his stealth suit and Spider-Man in his hero suit) with GameStop (Mysterio, Stealth Suit Spider-Man with goggles up and Molten Man) and Walmart (unmasked Mysterio, Spider-man crouched and Hydro-Man with variant pain) eaching having exlcusives in their assortments.

On the Pop! side of the world, Funko will offer Mysterio, Hydro-Man, and Molten Man. GameStop will have an exclusive glow in the dark Molten Man and a glow Hydro-Man will be exclusive to Barnes and Noble, an unmasked Mysterio will be offered by Hot Topic and a glow in the dark Mysterio will be at Walmart.

All the Spider-Man: Far From Home product will be available soon.

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