Toy Fair 2019 – McFarlane Toys

With a number of new license announcements just before the show, McFarlane Toys had a good amount of before toy fair. Based on their showroom, an exciting year is in store from McFarlane Toys. Highlights of the showroom include:

  • Game of Thrones – starting with the current season and looks – both figures and dragons are set for release. The first wave will sport the previous McFarlane Toys articulation with future series adopting articulation closer to their (amazing) Fortnite figures.
  • Fortnite will continue to be big for McFarlane with several new figures shown, the introduction of vehicles into the line, larger premium figures being introduced and a new role play item.
  • Cuphead will be joining the McFarlane family of construction toys which feature some impressive packaging designs. New Five Nights at Freddy’s sets were also shown.
  • Harry Potter figures made their debut – but couldn’t be photographed. Based on the samples in a secret case in the showroom, this first wave is looking great
  • Mortal Kombat figures weren’t on display, but look for the line to kick off with Scorpion and Sub-Zero
  • Stranger Things figures will be continuing, but there was nothing to show as season 3 has not yet launched.
  • Look for news on the DC figures as soon as SDCC

Check out these items and many more in the gallery below.

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