Toy Fair 2019 – Factory Entertainment

Factory Entertainment always has a unique mix of products in this case..and this year they really brought a solid line-up. A quick run down of some highlights

  • Look for Revos to continue, but will start to trend a little to the more exotic or fun characters later this year. The new Universal Monster ones looked great
  • Kuzos will be a new addition to their product line…they essentially are miniature replicas of iconic pop culture items. From Captain Kirk’s chair to Batman’s batarang these will be great for both casual and hardcore fans of any property…and they have a low price point and a small footprint. This will be a line to keep an eye on.
  • Factory Entertainment is putting some focus on lunch boxes and they have whipped up some with an amazing retro vibe…the E.T. lunch box looks like it dropped right off a store shelf.
  • Returning properties to Factory Entertainment include Monty Python and the Beatles. Look for new items in both of these lines which serve as a great complement to prior Factory Entertainment items.
  • The star of the show may have been a replica of Aquaman’s trident. It’s huge, heavy and gorgeous. A great compliment to Wonder Woman’s sword, which they released last year.

This is only a fraction of the product on display – which you can see all of it below. Be sure to check it out.

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