Figure Spotlight: Funko’s DC Primal Age

Funko has been charging full speed ahead on their ‘Savage World’ format action figures and last week a big box arrived at the AwesomeToyBlog HQ with the newest entry, the DC Primal Age figures. The DC Primal Age toys take the 5.5″ barbarian action figure figure format and mix that with DC’s finest heroes and villains. This first wave of toys includes figures, beasts and a huge Batcave playset. This post will be checking out the figures which include, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Joker, King Shark, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Batman.

On the card, these figures really stand out. The card front features a very prominent DC Primal Age logo with the character bubble over an illustrated explosion. The back of the card shows a cross-sell characters in illustrated form.

Once freed from the card, the figures don’t disappoint. While the 5.5″ format suggests a vintage aesthetic, the level of detail in the sculpt is anything but vintage. From the ‘HA HA HA’ scratched into the Joker’s torso to the shark jaw harness King Shark wears – these figures have a ton of sculpted detail. Sculpted detail that is accented perfect by an excellent paint job. The articulation on these figures is what you would expect from the format – hips, waist, shoulders and neck. Each figure includes a number of accessories, I really appreciate the level of detail and effort that Funko puts into these – they could be using generic axes and swords and shields, but instead each one is different and reflects their owner. It’s a nice touch.

Funko’s ‘DC Primal Age’ line of figures is fresh new take on some of DC’s staple characters. It’s rare to see something so unique and different in today’s action figure aisles, Funko has earned some props for stepping out and trying something new. Fans of DC’s characters and fans of the vintage style figures will want to grab these for sure – the are phenomenally well done. In addition to the figures reviewed here, there are also beast packs and a batcave playset. Look for those write-ups soon. 

Thanks to Funko for providing these early samples.

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