Figure Spotlight: Funko’s Savage World Horror

Funko’s ‘Savage World’ is the umbrella line for their 5.5″ line of vintage aesthetic action figures. We’ve already looked at their Mortal Kombat and Thundercats figures and today we are looking at the horror series of these figures.

These figures take noted horror movie villains and give them a fantasy warrior make-over. This first series includes Leatherface, Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead and Michael Myers. Each figure has a unique cardback which features an apporpriate movie logo for the character and displays the character and accessories clearly. All the figures share the same back of the card which cross-sells all the figures in the wave. 

Free from the confines of their card, these figures stay true to their 5.5″ roots. Each figure sports articulation at the neck, shoulders, waist and hips. And they’re all jacked. From Michael Myer’s windswept hair to Freddy’s burnt flesh, he figure sports a good amount of sculpted detail and aren’t just headswaps on a common buck. The paint applications on each figure are also very clean and detailed. Each figure includes appropriate weapons, however some fit the hands better than others (well Freddy’s claws pop over his hand).

The ‘Savage World’ horror figures are hitting stores soon (or on Amazon, right now). Fans of the 5.5″ figure format or horror figures in general will want to pick these up. Funko’s execution of these figures is top notch and it’s fun to think of other horror icons being applied to this format. Perhaps there’s a series 2 on the horizon?


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