All-New Marvel Character Ægon Introduced For Marvel Contest of Champions

As part of Marvel’s official New York Comic-Con livestream today, Kabam revealed the very first details of Ægon, an all-new original Marvel character created exclusively for their popular free-to-play mobile fighting game Marvel Contest of Champions. Ægon is the third Marvel original character created for the game, which includes Guillotine (released in 2015) and Morningstar (released in 2017).

Born to a pacifist race forced into slavery by the Master of the first Contest of Champions, Ægon always defied the strict code of nonviolence amongst his kin. He secretly trained as a gladiator, inspired by love and duty to win The Contest and free his people. Against all odds, he fought his way to the final battle against the Master and won. Unfortunately, the Master’s death caused an explosion that took Ægon’s arm and the life of his beloved. His tragedy was complete when his people cast him out as a pariah and stranded him in the Battlerealm. As Champion of The Contest, Ægon’s prize was the Iso-Belt – a powerful artifact that grants him the ability to manifest a phantom limb to replace his missing arm, and other willpower constructs. However, the full extent of the belt’s powers are still unknown…

 For Kabam’s fifth consecutive year at New York Comic-Con, the company is bringing back last year’s Beat-the-Boss tournament where participants can compete to win big prizes at Kabam’s booth, including physical swag such as t-shirts and tote bags, in-game prizes such as Units and Character / Catalyst Crystals and an opportunity to compete live on Marvel’s main stage on Oct. 6 to become the 2018 Marvel Contest of Champions Ultimate NYCC Champion.

Attendees will also get the first look at two new characters debuting in October – Symbiote Supreme and Venom the DuckSymbiote Supreme is the result of an unholy union between an alternate reality Doctor Strange and a particularly virulent Kyntar specimen (otherwise known as the Symbiotes) while Venom the Duck is an abject abomination crafted with Venom’s bloodlust, Howard’s intellect and cunning and by the Symbiote Supreme.

Marvel Contest of Champions is a mobile arcade-style fighting game that goes beyond the films and dives deep into the Marvel Universe. Super Heroes and Super Villains from Marvel’s Avengers, The Defenders, X-Men, Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more battle it out in iconic Marvel locations in an epic storyline that stays true to classic Marvel storytelling. Immediately following its launch in December 2014, Marvel Contest of Champions was awarded the App Store’s Editors’ Choice.

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