Figure Spotlight: SDCC Exclusive “Throne of the Primes” Set

SDCC was a few weeks ago but for fans of Hasbro’s properties who weren’t at the show, their chance to pick up some SDCC exclusives is coming soon. A pair of Transformers are in the sale, one of them is the Generations Power of the Primes “Throne of the Primes” which features Optimal Optimus Primal and 4 exclusive Prime Masters: Nexus Prime, Amalgamous Prime, Prima Prime, and the legendary 13th Prime.

Optimus Primal won the ‘Fan Vote Prime Poll’ and this set features him prominantly seated on the Throne of the Primes, surrounded by a halo of Prime Masters. This set looks perfect in the box – seated on his Throne – Primal just looks so good. 

Of course, he’s a Transformer and he’s best out of the package. Of course, like the original Beast Wars figure, you have a Primal figure that can ‘evolve’ into Optimal Optimus Primal who has both a monkey (complete with surfboard) and jet mode. In all modes, the silver and black color scheme is striking. Like all the toys in the ‘Power of the Primes’ line there’s no complaints about the mold, transformation scheme or overall fun – the Transformers team at Hasbro really is firing on all cylinders. The four included Prime Masters do let you complete the set of 13, all of which can fit on the included scepter. Of course, any four Prime Masters can fit – but it’s an awesome accessory that gives you a place for these little guys. If you’re careful, you can excise the throne from the package and keep it for Primal (or I suppose whoever rules your bots) to sit on. 

The Optimal Optimus Primal ‘Throne of the Primes’ is one of Hasbro’s SDCC exclusive sets and lets you get a long in demand update to a fan favorite character and finish your collection of Prime Masters. Many thanks to our friends at Hasbro for sending this over and if you want to grab your own, keep an eye on as the SDCC exclusives are set to go on sale on August 13th.

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