New York Toy Fair 2018 – Hasbro’s Transformers: Power of the Primes, Cyberverse and More

Today Hasbro hosted their Toy Fair entertainment panels and included everything new and exciting for the Transformers brand.

Details from the panel are below followed by the gallery of items from the showroom floor.

Transformers Cyberverse: New animated series launching later 2018.
Shadow Striker – all new Decepticon female being introduced
Core Autobot Team – Bumbleebee, Optimus Prime, Grimlock
Core Decepticon Team – Megatron,Starscream, Shockwave
Four scales: Scout, Warrior, Ultra and Ultimate
Toys feature ‘attack action’

Generations/Power of the Primes

Hasbro Studios presenting music from the 80s TV show. Available March 9th
2018 is the end of the Combiner Wars/Titans Returns/Power of the Primes trilogy.
Prime Masters Wave 3 – Quintus Prime with Deceticon Bludgeon, Megatronus with Bomb-burst, Solus Prime with Octopunch
Terrorcons – Abominus makes his debut.
Combiner Elita-Infin1te – Elita 1 (Voyager), Moonracer, Novastar
Optimal Optimus includes a deluxe Optimus Primal.
Predaking – includes exclusive Onyx Prime / Matrix of Leadership. 5 Voyager class Transformers.

War for Cyberton Trilogy is the next storyline
Fan vote – 3 choices of themed conflicts
Brother vs Brother – Needlenose vs. Tracks
Saboteur vs. Scientist – Spinister vs. Wheeljack
Greater Good vs. Greater Money – Impactor vs. Mirage
Vote by hashtag…fan vote goes live on the 2/20 through 2/23

Transformers Studio Series
Celebrates movie universe
Deluxe Wave 1 – TF1 Bumblebee, TF3 Crowbar, TF1 Ratchet, TF4 Stinger
Wave 2 – TF1 Jazz, TF4 Lockdown
Voyager Wave 1 – TF1 Starscream, TF2 Optimus Prime
Voyager Wave 2 – TF2 Megatron, TF1 Decepticon Brawl
Voyager Exclusive – Thundercracker
Leader Wave 1 – TF4 Grimlock, TF1 Blackout


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