Titan Merchandise Announce ‘First to Market’ and SDCC Exclusive Titans Vinyl Figures

San Diego Comic-con is quickly approaching and Titan Merchandise has announced their SDCC exclusives and select products that will be available first at the show. 

The ‘First to Market’ products are:

  • Doctor Who 4.5″ “Closing Time” 11th Doctor vinyl
  • Doctor Who 4.5″ “Pandorica Opens” TARDIS vinyl

And the SDCC Exclusives are:

  • Game of Thrones 4.5″ Translucent Night King Titan Vinyl
  • Game of Thrones 4.5″ Glow In the Dark Drogon Titan Vinyl
  • Cartoon Network TITANS: Exclusive 4.5″ Tuxedo Steven Universe TITAN
  • Cartoon Network TITANS: Exclusive 3″ Pajama Steven Universe TITAN

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