Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! Unveiling New Marvel Collectibles at Toy Fair 2017

From classic characters to new movie-inspired products, the designers at Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth are unveiling dozens of all-new 2017 wooden Marvel-inspired collectibles sure to capture the hearts of fans and collectors of all ages for the very first time at their New York Toy Fair booth (#5452).

Pin Mate™ by Bif Bang Pow!
With its charming 2-inch scale wooden figures, each with an individual series-driven number, the Pin Mate™ line celebrates its one-year anniversary with the exciting new addition of moveable wooden vehicles, wooden dioramas, and an ever-expanding cast of character wooden figures.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Pin Mate Wood Milano Set with Masked Star-Lord and Yondu is ready to blast off for adventure. Including with a wooden Milano Pin Mate™ ship that features six seats and working wooden wheels, the movie-derived Masked Star-Lord (#47) and Yondo (#48) Pin Mate™ wooden figures set a course of fun in this unique set. But no journey is complete without the rest of the crew! The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 5 offers fans more wooden figures that can join in the ride with an unmasked Star-Lord (#38), Gamora (#39), Drax the Destroyer (#40), a growing Groot (#41), and Rocket Raccoon (#42).

Also in 2017, Bif Bang Pow! introduces dozens of beloved, classically-styled Pin Mate™ wooden figures. For Spidey fans, the Spider-Man Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 5 gathers Spider-Man (#11), with a new Agent Venom (#46), Spider-Woman (#37), Spider-Gwen (#36), and Black Cat (#15) into one swinging collection.

In addition, individually sold Pin Mate™ wooden figures of Doctor Strange (#19), Thor (#28), The Punisher (#29), Daredevil (#30), Vision (#31), Luke Cage (#32), Peter Parker (#33), Mary Jane (#34), Gwenpool (#35), Spider-Gwen (#36), Spider-Woman (#37) join the line. Each figure features highly detailed, vibrant 360-degree artwork.

Wooden Push Puppets by Entertainment Earth
Remember the hours of fun you had pressing the hidden buttons at the bottom of those adorable push puppets you had as a child? Well, now they are back! And for these retro-styled wooden classics, cute is ready for crime-stopping action. Created in a 5-inch scale and made from solid wood, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Deadpool bend, collapse, and stand back up on their themed base based on your touch for another round of good vs. evil – while looking amazing with the vibrant 360-degree artwork, of course.

Tiki Tiki Totem™ Wooden Characters by Entertainment Earth
Whether you are avenging evil on Earth or guarding against space supremacy, take your Marvel fandom to new heights with Tiki Tiki Totem™ wooden characters by Entertainment Earth! Making its Toy Fair debut, this line of interconnecting, stackable, wooden Tiki Tiki Totem™ pieces allow you to create your own custom Tiki Tiki Totem™ poles with your favorite characters. Enjoy these 3-inches tall, character-inspired wooden figures from every angle with hand-painted, 360-degree artwork that includes some decal elements.

Each of these coveted collectibles can be seen at Toy Fair 2017 inside the Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! booth (#5452).

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