Kidrobot Introduces Labbit Blind Box Series: Labbit Band Camp 3000

Kidrobot, the world’s premiere designer and online retailer of limited edition art toys and apparel, has launched a new music-themed Labbit series titled Labbit Band Camp 3000. The new 2.5” blind box mini series is now available for purchase in stores worldwide and online at
Labbit, designed by artist and Kidrobot Chief Creative Officer Frank Kozik, is headed to band camp in this all-new 2.5” blind box series featuring five unique Labbit bands including the Marching Hares, the Labbit Chub-harmonic, Black Labbith, Shnorp and the Flogrillates and the Labbi-tones — collect them all to add a touch of music to any collection! From jazz to metal, this series has something for every music lover.

Key features:

  • The Marching Hares
    • Marching Prone Cheeks 1/18
    • Marching Standing Major Trouble – 1/18
    • Marching Sitting Joe Thumps – 1/18
  • The Labbit Chub-Harmonic
    • Classical Prone Ingrid Bassoon – 1/36
    • Classical Standing Crash Parker – 1/18
    • Classical Sitting Johnny Beethoven – 2/18
  • Shnorp and the Flogrillates
    • Alien Prone Forp – 1/36
    • Alien Standing Shnorp – 2/18
    • Alien Sitting Ba-Dorp – 1/18
  • The Labbi-tones
    • Jazz Prone Stumpy Lawler – 1/18
    • Jazz Standing Snaps Coleman – 2/18
    • Jazz Sitting Pails Parker – 1/18
  • Black Labbith
    • Rock Prone Gamma Stripes – 1/18
    • Rock Standing Rikky Panther – 1/18
    • Rock Sitting Skid Chill – 2/18 

“We’re excited to share new Labbit designs with fans as the beloved platform takes on a new form with a musical twist,” said Allen Richardson, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Kidrobot. “Both music lovers and Kidrobot fans will enjoy the unique designs and fun features this series offers.”
The Labbit designed by Frank Kozik is rabbit character first featured in Kozik’s nineties rock poster art and was brought to life by Kidrobot. Learn more about Labbit at

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