Details on the Power Rangers at SDCC

SDCC 2016 logoSan Diego Comic-con is upon us, and if you’re a Power Rangers fan – here’s the details on everything Power Rangers at the show.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge (PRDSC) and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR) costume characters will be making appearances at the various partner booths throughout the weekend and fans will have a chance to take images with the iconic superheroes.


DIAMOND COMICS, Booth #2401: Displaying Power Rangers movie teaser poster on exterior of the booth

BANDAI, Booth #3535: FIRST LOOK @ FIRST MOVIE TOY – will be in the display case and not available for purchase (see below for your first look!)


Boom! Studios, Booth #2229: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: It’s Morphin Time!

WHO: Panel: Saban Brands Director of Development and Production Melissa Flores and Saban Brands Director of Global Consumer ProductsJason Bischoff to participate in BOOM! Comics panel to discuss the MMPR comic book series

WHAT: In January, BOOM! Studios launched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a new comic series based on Saban Brands’ hit ‘90s live-action children’s TV series about a group of ordinary teenagers who “morphed” into superheroes to save the world from evil. Join series writer Kyle Higgins, cover artist Goñi Montes, “The Ongoing Adventures of Bulk and Skull” writer Steve Orlando, Editor Dafna Pleban, Saban Brands Director of Development and Production Melissa Flores, and Saban Brands Director of Global Consumer Products Jason Bischoff as they talk about the series, the spinoff Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink series, and the everlasting popularity of these “teenagers with attitude.”

WHEN: Friday, 7/22; Time: 11:30AM – 12:30PM

WHERE: Location: 5AB (*Note 500-person room)


  • Moderated by PRSDC Blue Ranger, Yoshi Sudarso
  • 500 Power Rangers items will be given away to panel attendees
  • Two styles of limited edition tees to be sold at the booth (50 pieces total); t-shirts produced by Trevco, will feature comic book artwork
  • Selling two SDCC exclusive comics, MMPR #5 and MMPR Pink #1


SHOUT FACTORY, Booth # 4118: Selling Super Sentai’s Zyuranger DVDs

ACME, Booth #5929: Limited edition art prints of all Rangers to be sold at booth
BANDAI, Booth #3535: Selling SDCC exclusives including new MMPR Legacy Collection Red Ranger Figure, Limited Black Edition MMPR Legacy Blade Blaster and Limited Edition Tokyo Vinyl® MMPR Red Ranger

BANDAI, Booth #3535: Revealing highly collectible legacy figures of each Ranger throughout the years

ACME, Booth #5929:

  • Announcing 4 new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers limited edition prints, featuring new Yellow Ranger litho and new fine art collaborations with BOOM! Studios artists
  • Three new images from the collaboration with BOOM! Studios will be released (featuring comic cover art of the Green Ranger and full set of Power Rangers)


SHOUT FACTORY, Booth # 4118: Distributing Super Sentai postcards

NICKELODEON, Booth #4113: Giving away an SDCC exclusive PRDSC poster while the costume Rangers are appearing at the booth

  • Booth is Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday themed to align with Nick’s 90s retro overall theme highlighting Rugrats, Legends of the Hidden Temple and Hey Arnold

BANDAI, Booth #3535: Conducting giveaway for superfans with limited edition Comic-Con PRSDC chargers throughout the weekend

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