Monogram and Previews Offer Exclusive ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ Batman Banks

Monogram Logo 2.jpgLike Batman and Robin, PREVIEWS and Monogram have teamed up to produce a pair of exclusive Batman bust banks featuring his likeness from The Dark Knight Returns.

Made of Vinyl, this impressive depiction of Batman from The Dark Knight Returns, stands at 6” tall and 9” wide. Through detailed precision, this exclusive sculpt of Batman would make an incredible collectible for any fan to showcase.

The two different colored banks are available to order at comic book shops for a retail price of $19.99 using their individual item code from the March PREVIEWS Catalog.

  • Dark Knight Returns Batman PX Bust Bank Blue Version: MAR162641
  • Dark Knight Returns Batman PX Bust Bank Black Version: MAR162642

You can pre-order these banks from your favorite local or on-line comic shops from the March PREVIEWS catalog to ensure they get it when it is released in May. Find a comic shop at

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