Toy Fair 2016 – Quantum Mechanix

tf2016Each year at ToyFair I always enjoy stopping at the Quantum Mechanix booth, but this year they really pulled out the stops and debuted some amazing product.

Star Trek is set to have a great year at QMx with new 12″ figures on display of Kirk and Spock. Targeting a high-end 1:6th scale collector, these figures wil include a ton of detail including real metal mesh on the communicators and a removeable type I phaser from the pistol. These look great! Also new from Star Trek were scaled ships that looked amazing – the original Enterprise and the refit NCC-1701-A. With an amazing price of $25, if you’re a fan of the ship of Star Trek you are not going to want to miss these.

Star Trek isn’t the only property getting some scale vehicles, look for the Bus from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy to be released in this format.

Supernatural fans also have something to look forward to as a pair of highly detailed smaller scale statues were on display that had incredilble likenesses. Fans of Dean and Sam will want to pick these up.

Q-Figs are also continuing strong and are getting some extra features (and cuteness). Look for offerings to expand to include Marvel characters and more effects and added features (like Mr. Freeze’s removeable dome).

The gallery below has a ton of pictures of the above products and more!

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