Bif Bang Pow! Introduces KISS Peg Pals

BifBangPow LogoBif Bang Pow! is getting a leap on Toy Fair with their announcment of their brand-new Peg Pal™ line of collectibles. The line will be kicking off with their KISS Destroyer Peg Pal collection available for preorder starting today at

These one-of-a-kind, retro-styled minature wooden figures transport you back to a simpler time while celebrating today’s most-beloved characters and pop culture icons. And though we are launching the line with KISS, be assured more Peg Pals™ are coming soon and will showcase favorite characters from DC Comics, Marvel, Star Trek, and more. Measuring about 2-inches tall, each wooden figure is individually numbered within its series and features stunning 360-degree artwork (crafted from a mixture of hand-painted details and some decal elements).

The first-ever KISS Destroyer Peg Pal series celebrates 4 legendary rock icons as we’ve never seen before and features the band members in full make up and costumes inspired from the Destroyer album era. Each figure is numbered on the bottom as well as on the packaging: The Demon is number 1, The Starchild is number 2, The Spaceman is number 3, and The Catman is number 4.


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