3DRetro Shares DesignerCon Exclusives

3dretro logoDesignerCon is this weekend in Pasadena, California and 3DRetro is part of this amazing show. They’ve gone ahead and sent out details of their show exclusives which will be available at the 3DRetro booth 532. For people not able to attend the show, they will be offering the remaining stock online.

Ron English Artist Gnome OG Edition.
Based on the original artwork of Ron English this self-protrait of the artist now can be your personal artist gnome. Just in time for the holidays these 4 inch gnomes come to life when you’re not looking and help you by painting from their tiny brushes and paint pallets. Each one comes wearing their Popaganda Rabbbit TShirt and paint splattered pants. Make sure to grab your gnome before they all disappear.
4 inches tall. Vinyl. $30
Limited to 300 pieces worldwide.
Juan Muniz Felipe Metallic Edition
Based on the painting of Juan Muniz, the piece features Muniz’s signature character, Felipe, holding a rather dangerous group of “balloons”. In talking about the concept behind the character, Muniz explains that “We often wear a second skin in daily life or at work and the ‘skin’ doesn’t reveal much of our true self. The ‘mask’ I draw is a blank stare and depending on the situation, can convey humor, doubt or irony. There is Felipe, dragging his bleeding heart, looking back to ensure it’s still there as if it’s a security blanket. There is Felipe, sitting on a chunk of earth with an anvil tied to his fishing pole. And there is Felipe, looking down at the bullet that moments ago pierced him, then popped out his back, walked around to the front and held up a sign that reads, ‘I’m sorry’.”
Stand 9.5″ tall from top of the balloons.
The metallic edition comes with a special metallic paint applied to body while the balloons have are gold, silver, copper and pearl.
Limited to 150 pieces worldwide.  Vinyl Figure. $55
Gary Baseman’s Wild “Bad” Girls Set 
For the first time released as a set, Gary Baseman’s Wild Girls are dressed in black with masks and ready to be bad with their Chou Chou companions.
The set includes all 3 of the Wild Girls and 2 Chou Chou’s. Limited to only 120 sets worldwide.
Sets are available for $200 at DesignerCon.
Gary Baseman will be signing for fans on Saturday at the 3DRetro Booth from 2:30pm – 3:30pm.
Jeremy Fish’s Bison Van: OG Edition
An exclusive pre-release of the famous Jeremy Fish Bison Van as a vinyl toy! Only 100 pieces will be available at DesignerCon first come, first serve. The van is 9 inches long and is total awesomeness! Available for $100 at the 3DRetro booth.
Touma x Hamill Secret Release
Something very special is going to be released in VERY limited quantities at DesignerCon. All we can say is 2 great artists have put their minds together to create this beast. Visit our booth to find out what it is and to see if you can pick one up. Shhhhhhhhh!

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