Latest News From DC Collectibles: New Batman v Superman Wonder Women Statue & Animated Series Batmobile Unboxing

DC Logo 2013DC Collectibles has sent over a pair of cool news items – the reveal of an all new Wonder Woman statue from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and an unboxing video of the eagerly anticipated Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile. There’s been buzz around this Batmobile for months – so this video will just leave you itching to get your hands on it below. ¬†Check out the full description and image of the new Wonder Woman statue below and enjoy the Batmobile unboxing video below.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Statue: DC Collectibles newest reveal from the upcoming Warner Bros. film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is a new Wonder Woman statue based on Gal Gadot’s portrayl in the film. The 12 inch statue is sculpted by James Marsano and goes on sale in March 2016. The MSRP is $150.00.


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