Funko’s SDCC 2015 Booth Procedures

cc15 tnAs promised in last week’s Funko interview, Funko’s published details on their booth procedures for this year’s exclusives. Here’s the details:

  • All items are limited to one per person!
  • While in line you’ll fill out an order form, when you get to the front a Funko worker will retrieve your items from available stock. Not all items may be available when you get to the front of the line.
  • For groups of people, each person can have an order form and one person can pay.
  • Exhibitor badges cannot purchase items on Preview night or during the first hour of the show on the other days.
  • What are the prices?
    • Pop!: $15 (2-pack $25)
    • 6” Pop!: $20
    • Pop! Rides: $40
    • Hikari: $50 or $80
    • Pop! Tees: $25
    • ReAction: $15 (Jaws $30)
    • Vinyl Idolz: $25
    • Dorbz XL: $25
    • Dorbz: $12
  • How are the shirts sized?  See below!

Funko shirt sizes

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