Gentle Giant’s Prototype Boba Fett Minibust and Ant-Man Statue Set for SDCC

cc15 tnGentle Giant today today announced a pair of SDCC Exclusives – a Prototype Boba Fett mini-bust and an Ant-Man mini-statue. See below for some details on these exclusives – both are available now for PGM to pre-order


This amazing statue was made using digital scans and data to produce a highly detailed, yet tiny, statue. Scott Lang becomes one of the newest heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he meets Hank Pym and dons the Ant-Man suit! Gentle Giant LTD has created this incredibly detailed statue of Ant-Man in his shrunken down form at only 4.25 inches in height.

Prototype Boba Fett

Gentle Giant Ltd. is pleased to announce the exclusive Boba Fett-Prototype mini-bust to our collectors for San Diego Comicon 2015. Featuring polished white armor, unique blaster and minute details that set him apart from the bounty hunter version of Fett, this mini-bust is a must have addition for those looking to add a piece of early Fett history to their Star Wars/Gentle Giant Ltd. collection.

Gentle Giant CC15 Boba Fett Proto GG CC15 Ant Man



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