Gentle Giant Introduces SDCC Exclusive Jumbo Secret Wars Deadpool

cc15 tnGentle Giant revealed another SDCC exclusive this morning, a jumbo Secret Wars figure…of Deadpool.  That’s right, Gentle Giant has taken Deadpool and zapped him back to the 80’s and ‘what-if”d this figure. You can see the product page here, and read their description below.

Face it, what would San Diego Comic Con be without Deadpool? Gentle Giant LTD has created their own interpretation of Deadpool if he had been included in The Secret Wars! The “Merc with a mouth” never looked better. This Jumbo Figure comes in at 12 inches tall, and will go great with the rest of your Gentle Giant LTD Secret Wars Jumbo figures!

 GG CC15 Jumbo Deadpool

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