Funko ReAction News: Jaws, Fight Club, Gremlins and More

funko logoOur fantastic friends at Funko have sent over a hearty update on upcoming ReAction figures.

The Gremlins line, which includes Billy, Gizmo with Barney, Christmas Gizmo, Mogwai Stripe, Gremlin Stripe, Bandit Gremlin and Cinema Gremlin will be available in June. These looks great!

Tony Montana from Scarface will also be available in June.

Everyone’s favorite film shark Jaws will be available in July. Also available from that film will be ReAction figures of police chief Martin Brody, shark hunter Quint and marine biologist Matt Hooper.

July will also see the release of Fight Club ReAction figures. The series includes the unhinged antagonist Tyler Durden (both shirted and shirtless) and his lover, Marla Singer, as well as the Narrator.

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